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I recently attended the session on White Privilege at the Center for the Healing of Racism and really enjoyed the presentation and the people I met there. The presentation and personal sharing were very educational, thought provoking and helpful to my life. I highly recommend their programs.


Thank you for the opportunity to co-facilitate last night's event. I left there feeling excited about the difference we made in the lives of those who had attended. I would not have expected the outcome to be what it was as the participants shared their feelings. I was in shock! A good shock. Thank you for the continued opportunities


I was so grateful to share space and dialogue with a group of people all interested in learning about experiences different from their own, making room for empathy, and taking action to begin healing. Racism is something that is in action in every piece of our society and in all of our lives every day. It was such an important step for me to take this chance to move outside of my comfort zone and be honest about my lived experience, reflect on the impact of my actions and my prejudices, whether consciously or subconsciously enacted, and take this knowledge out into my community to enact change.


I was one of the ones that went to the seminar on Saturday. It was awesome( I feel like that is too mild of a word)!!! It really changed my view on a few things. I have to admit that I really enjoyed myself and cant wait until this coming Saturday to complete part two. It was my idea not to let the ones that didnt come for part one, not to come to part two!! Like you stated, to grasp the entire concept, you have to attend both!! Met and conversed with awesome people!! I am glad I went!! Thank you!!


The CFHR microaggressions workshop deepened my understanding of this damaging behavior, and provided space for me to more clearly see how I engage in small acts of racism in my daily life—through choice of words, body language, and upholding whiteness as the default standard. This definition provided in the workshop stuck with me: "Microaggressions are rooted in our violent, racialized history and have real-life consequences in terms of opportunity, safety, health care, mortality, etc." These consequences are urgent, and require us to constantly question and share knowledge with others of how we can undo how we have been racially conditioned.



Bread is a Simple Food

Bread comes in different sizes, different shapes, and different colors but it’s all bread. Children come in different sizes, different shapes, and different colors, but they’re all beautiful, and they’re all part of the same human race.

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